Vintage Motorcycle Development

Vintage motorcycles are becoming better popular. Not without reason, they are connected with the beginnings of the motorized traffic closely. The origins lie in series of motorcycle in 1900. At that time, the first combustion engines were used in reinforced bicycle frames. They were simple single-cylinder two-cylinder engines with less open valves usually with so-called sniffer valves. This type of valve is controlled not mechanically closed only with a special pen.

When the piston moves down to suck fresh air through the vacuum will open the valve, fresh mixture can flow. This method was very simple, but not particularly effective. Most of the motors that time had no gear flange, a special right on the crankshaft pulley was attached to was transferred directly from the engine to the rear wheel the power. With a long handle was a tension roller are actuated so that the belt was stretched, it was a very simple way of a coupling. A rotary throttle was still completely unknown, it was similar in advanced motorcycles on a knob as regulated with lawnmowers. Braking with brake shoes was worked on the tires or the rims. Was started by pushing, kick starter came on later. Electric light was not on the bike, as many had a lantern.

Only from the 20's was offered a light, standard initial charge extra, in the early 30's had electric light. Until the outbreak of World War I were as good as all bikes without lights on the road. A two-cylinder engine with 5 HP was an absolute top model. Only after the war began, the first golden age of motorcycle and ended up very fast in inflation.

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