Valley Brazil

All the siderurgical sector, the petrochemical segment of the industry of the oil, the Valley of the River Candy, the state complex of the telecommunications, banks, railroads, units of fertilizers, companies of electric energy etc. a patrimony evaluated in more than 2 trillions of dollar (state of the union and the states) were transferred by the total symbolic value of only 100 billion dollar, already enrolled there the small external debts of some of the companies, inferiors to lucros.' ' In the news article of the Globe (the mineral wealth of the Amaznia, 20/05/2010), the engineer who created Carajs, Eliezer Baptist it recognizes that it had a strategical error in the project: it does not foresee one industrial polar region to the side of the mine. ' ' The original idea ours was not alone to vender iron ore, us always believes that you have that to add value in all product. No country is rich vendendo raw materials or commodities' '. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. As an example valley to remember: the secret of the Chinese growth that turns around the binomial industrialization versus exportation.

You wise person who The profit of the Valley in 2008 was of R$ 21,279 billion. While this, the poverty and concentration of income in Brazil grows. This profit during one year would give to keep the budget of the state of the Maranho with its 217 cities, whose budget (2007) was of 6,1 bilhesdurante 3,4 years (three years and four months). This enormous wealth that goes for is of Brazil is fabulosa, what he is demonstrated in the profits of the cited Valley above. According to INEP, the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil it would demand 200 a thousand educators. These alfabetizadores only earn (R$ 420,00) as wage. The expense of staff of the 200 a thousand educators per year (considerando12 months) it would correspond R$ 1,008 billion.

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