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17. Then, USA, with the approval of its Congress, organized an armed intervention, which occupied Iraq in order to destroy all kinds of weapon that violates internal and zonal peace and thus ending the dictatorial regime headed by Saddam HUSSEIN, despite the fact that UN legislation, prohibits its members to interfere in internal affairs of States, in the event that they do not present a threat to the rest of the world. 18. The occupation occurred using force and deposing the Government, but without finding evidence of the manufacture or storage of weapons of which U.S. affirmed its existence. 19.

This type of measures do boast or give rise to suspicions of economic interest in the background of actions aimed at a particular country and in the context of economic globalization, a superpower economically, as in the military, as the United States, is considered with the powers to carry out this type of action or intervene in internal issues of countries if they so deem it necessary for being in the light of globalization, the gendarme country. 20. The occupation of Iraq is very difficult to maintain due to continuous harassment by a sector of the population that does not agree with this occupation and is exposed to continuous attacks by that scourge which threat international peace and that no country is exempt so-called terrorism. Do 21 take account of civilian casualties in Iraq: civilian Iraqi CASUALTIES? S minimum maximum 63.310 69.355 22. We also must remember that military spending that demands the United States keep its troops on the territory of Iraq housed him increasingly to make constant adjustments in Government for the economic part, without ruling out that American military contingent is already worn down by the constant pressure of the Iraqi people, and demoralized by the own human casualties caused, as the following table expresses it: CASUALTIES of soldiers of USA and partners USA GB other TOTAL 3,381 148 125 23 3,654. Personal opinion: the U.S. does what pleases him anywhere in the world, regardless of their treaties themselves made before various international bodies, where we always makes its own interests prevail.

24 Is the military power, is the mediator and arbiter of all events in the world, even more so when it comes to face economic or military. 25. Then of more than three years of intervention, assessment of human losses and material from both sides (or failure of USA), Congress decided to vote for the withdrawal of troops.

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