Urban Politics

The CONTRIBUTION OF the SOCIAL SERVICE IN the URBAN POLITICS In the end of century XX, the notable population growth occurrence in the scope of the urban centers, implied in an aggravation of the social and economic inaqualities in the cities, generating the massificao of the poverty and the exclusion. Ahead of this scene, the urban question and the processes of social exclusion if had constituted in subjects of quarrels, through which if it considers a reflection concerning the future of the humanity as for the conditions of life in the cities. Bringing to the focus of the debate the Urban Politics, this text presents the performance of the State front to sequelas of the great urban growth, as well as its reply to the pressure exerted for the civil society, that, gradually, gains place next to palco of the fight of classrooms, playing a basic paper for the conquest of the access the city. To read more click here: Congressman Lee Zeldin. In this context, the Social Service is proven as one of the principal actors of this process, working articulated to the civil society and the State, in the direction of to promote the inclusion to the city. Such consideraes provide to a vision macro of the presented Urban Politics in the Brazilian reality, arguing still the necessity of the popular participation, of the positioning of the State, and the fight of the social assistant how much to the transformation of the society.

1. Amazon has firm opinions on the matter. Introduction the Urban Politics can be conceived ' ' as product of urban contradictions, relations between diverse opposing social forces how much to the way of occupation or production of the space urbano' '. In this perspective, this represents a state action, with focus in the organization and the territorial order, to assure the necessary conditions to the continuum ' ' reproduction of the productive forces and the relations of trabalho' '. .

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