Universal History

Based in the book of Jose Carlos Kings, ' ' History of history: Civilization Occidental person and felt Histrico' ' we will make one analyzes on the philosophies of history and its historical development from the Greeks arriving until century XVIII, where historians had tried to rescue the idea of ' ' Universal&#039 history; '. The concern in if establishing Universal History in century XVIII have to see with an identity search. According to Jose Carlos Kings, the European world postwar period, with its religious spalling and its existenciais conflicts, needed to find a justification for its exspansionism. When establishing ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' , they had legitimized the reasons for the domain of the world, therefore they were agents of modernity, the ones that carried the tools to lead the peoples to the salvation. Jose Carlos Kings makes a return to the past so that if he can understand this expansionista thought of ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' that it is tried to establish at the time current, century XVIII.

History was creation of the Greeks, who live anti-history, for having mythologies and legends impregnated in its local History. It had an attempt of if eliminating myths between the Greeks, but this possible did not have to the fact of that these myths were taken root in its culture. Therefore, even so in Tucdides it has an awareness on the necessity of if searching the truth of the facts, the History of the Greeks still is repleta of anti-history, with its myths and legends. The idea of ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' it was not present in the Greek world, them they lived now, they did not think the future, but yes the perpetual one. For the Greeks the world age of cyclical nature, therefore, the future would not be different of the past and nor of the gift.

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