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Such machinery covering with a mantle of ideological narrative moral and material reality that she herself produces is the same as that defined by decree that elorgullo, dignity, was the eldest of the conceivable sins, an attribute of the demon, as it was defined many times all dissent and democracy. For absolute power, autoflajelarse, extirpate you pray us, opened the back with chains and nails, punish, destroy and humiliate the only Temple recognized by Jesus human body without limits is an admirable demonstration of humility. A demonstration ancient and exciting, since it confirms that the oppressor has entered into the hold free of the demon. For free submitting. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Virtue blind blind submission is through autoflajelante of the Lutheran autohumillacion humility, as preached conservative and Protestants, apocalyptic medieval and postmodern televangelistas. Then the machine social tradition, narrating celebrates and diffusing the excitement of the self-punishment of neutralization, of the obedience, because it is a sacrifice that consolidates the inherited order, confirms the dominant authority and, above all, exemplifies. The pursuit of humility through the autohumillacion is so powerful that even the pedophilia of a priest can be forgiven, because in the social shame is the most powerful Annihilator of any personal pride. And the personal pride is, as we have seen, the worst of sins, even worse than the physical oppression and moral destruction of one’s neighbor. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown.

At this point we not only came by the way of the dialectic. If we look at the practical results, we see that many theologians of liberation have been excommunicated by arrogance and no pedophile priest has been expelled with the same urgency. In United States, for example, the Catholic Church still pays millions indulgencias in the 15th century, by the silence of lawyers and the press. In Latin America the use of the vile metal is not even necessary.. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jim Donovan Goldman on most websites.

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