Ukrainian Citizens

A relatively small number of Ukrainian citizens know that they have a state-guaranteed right to allocate and free land privatization. According to the article. 121 of the of Ukraine (ZKU) Ukrainian citizens have the right to free transfer of land from the lands of the state or municipal property. In this case, depending on the needs that are planned to take part being privatized, determined and the size of allocated sites. Thus, it is understood that the land will be used to: 1) farming (size determined by the size of a land share (unit) specific for members of agricultural enterprises located in rural, township or city council, where the farm), and 2) subsidiary farming (no more than 2.0 hectares), 3) gardening reference (not more than 0.12 hectare), 4) construction and maintenance of a dwelling house, outbuildings and structures (yard) (in the villages – no more than 0,25 hectares, the villages – no more – 0,15 hectares, in the cities – no more than 0,10 ha), 5) individual country construction (no more than 0.10 hectare), 6) construction of individual garages (not more than 0.01 hectare). According to the article. 118 zku citizens, applicants for land must submit application to the appropriate district, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administration, or village, settlement, the city council on the location of the land. The application includes the desired the size and intended use of the site. Local councils, in turn, must verify the validity of the statements of the citizen and to consider the materials submitted within 1 month and render its decision. In the case of satisfactory Council's response given permission to develop land privatization project commissioned by a special citizens' organizations with appropriate licenses. Transfer of the same land plots to citizens is only after the approval of the project of privatization of land for consideration by local councils also have a period of 1 month. In addition, the project land allocation must be consistent with the agency for land resources, environmental and sanitary bodies, architecture and cultural heritage protection. Representatives of local councils make an entry in land record document – the Book of civil registration. Thus, citizens receive state act on the right of private ownership of land. This document provides and registers the relevant local council. Possible differences between formal and actual size settle again, the local councils. It remains to add that in the event of executive authority or local authority in the transfer of land ownership or abandonment of the application without considering the issue is resolved in court. Documents required for registration of land privatization citizens: 1. Technical note from the town of affiliation bti area of land. 2. Technical documentation of the size of the land, which must be agreed in the management of urban architecture. 3. A copy of the passport and an identification code owners houses. 4. Statement.

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