Triumph Uribist

The rescue of Betancourt and 14 other hostages will boost to Uribe at domestic and international level. The fact that it has achieved this without firing a shot may bring such action as more intelligent than Fujimori had when it entered the Japanese Embassy in Lima killing all of the MRTA. Uribe must be feeling the most popular representative of the region and perhaps in the history of his country. Like Fujimori, he will want to avail themselves of his triumph to seek to be re-elected, though, to the dessert, could lead to its defeat. Uribe has indirectly hit the opposing pole and the rest of the continental left who wanted that FARC soltasen to their captured but would have preferred that, in return, certain concessions were achieved or that the guerrillas could go legalizing maintaining some authority. The feat of the main ally of Bush in the region will strengthen to McCain and the Venezuelan and Bolivian opposition in upcoming elections. However, while the crestfallen MRTA never recovered from its defeat in 1997, the FARC, Although beaten, they still have 44 years of history and 10,000 men. Original author and source of the article.

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