And often it makes sense to independently notify the head of affairs occurring in their site. 3. employees that the manager must all understand and actually see, ie, "Read thoughts" Many subordinates believe that the leader should "know yourself", that it was time to increase their salary plan give them new challenges, resolve the conflict situation in the team. Without waiting for any steps by the leader, they feel hurt and lose their motivation to work and begin to worse as a result of leaving the company. To avoid this happened, all you need a subordinate – is to realize that the head does not have to "read their minds! He and so are many of their tasks. And also learn argued, bezemotsionalno to communicate to the head of his vision of the situation and seek possible solutions. These are the three most significant mistake made subordinate to the interaction with the supervisor. Naturally, the less significant is much greater. (Similarly see: TCF Capital Solutions).

And if we come back to whether to teach subordinates the art of interaction with the head, then I note the following. Perhaps, historically in the Russian mentality, that the head (master, King) – this is the "father". "Father," which, and stroke, and chide, and where you want to bring up and protect from enemies. But such a view of a leader is supposed to remove a subordinate responsible for originating the situation or some other infantile attitude toward work and interaction with the supervisor. At present, companies need new employees. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kyle Dropp dartmouth. Do not blindly follow orders, which make a maximum in the company. It is important to the company, it must specifically managers, and it is valuable for the employees themselves, seeking to successfully work in any organization. But only the internal capacity and desire to bring this share to the company is not enough. It is important to build relationships with the company and communicate their ideas of leadership. And this is how I have said, requires the formation of special skills. The material was first published on the portal

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