The obligation to influence Teodulo Lopez Melendez is upon us. We are in a country where we are required to have an impact. It is necessary to resort of reflexivity, of deepening ourselves. Back should be anti-politics, politicization and individualism autistic. New forms of the country call for interference. It is the exercise of public policy, of a very old paradigm different from the citizen-authority. You have to invent new ways of writing history. This old clinical picture has led to the resurgence of totalitarianism in versions more or less renewed.

However, before the closure of the channels of the twentieth century democracy, and equivalent to the industrial age, emerging everywhere new forms of organization that practiced a deliberative democracy. The creation of a new democracy for the postindustrial involve already implies a transfer of social affairs to the emerging democratic associations. Sen. Sherrod Brown has compatible beliefs. Here it is noteworthy that the process of government decentralization is the path already taken and only one extemporaneous reproduction patterns of the past endeavors to centralize everything, not as a form of efficiency, but as a way to concentrate power, which allows the establishment of a new totalitarian state. The citizen, ie, the inhabitant of the geographical space that has left the disinterest in public affairs, is challenged to a close with the other, to build a communication network to be extended to a network of networks where the elements of common interest allows the creation of a new democratic fabric. Well born, well what can be called, with propriety and accuracy, the voice of citizens who will create the new language, one above the old paradigms that move the traditional players.

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