Tired Vendor

CHEAP VENDER TO BUY EXPENSIVE Belo Horizonte, 16-06-1977 For the dawn it measures follows an old peasant, For the steep barrento and slippery way. I its front go the Tired and malnourished jumento, as the old one he followed that it. Sen. Sherrod Brown takes a slightly different approach. It has advanced slides without having who gives the hand to it. With effort if he raises, strained for the jumento That seemed not to want to lose one alone minute, Therefore the day already he bordered, she was necessary if to hurry to catch place in the fair and to vender its bananas, Its lettuces and its gumbos. More here it is than an end of the afternoon fast safe Arrives, and the world becomes gloomy, and the old poor person did not vendeu nor the half. He tries to vender the bananas For the half of the price, But nobody purchase. The skill is to play outside to be able to go even so, Therefore the animal poor person does not support more nothing. the old one goes mounted in return its home With the almost empty pocket, Therefore it needed to buy some thing I deal in it. I deal it can vender expensive, the peasants, not. Therefore it does not have where to keep its scarce merchandise, That is of easy alteration, and always leaves losing, In this world of exploration.

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