The Secret Of The Cards Of Tarot

Tarot and clairvoyance are within those mysteries, that often they cannot explain is because they go beyond the own possibilities of the human mind, located in space and time. Clairvoyance and tarot are one-way or method for gradual understanding of these issues, and by incomprehensible it has been and remains that via spiritual to personal growth within the reach of everyone. The Tarot cards are habits that sail above everything else, wisdom, intelligence, kindness, strength, virtue the splendor and truth. Tarot and clairvoyance well related and interpreted together precede the proper roads where humans must go to reach the fullness. Throughout the tree of life tarot cards are arranged in triangles forming the paths of wisdom developed as a whole the reading of letters in such a way which may be construed to the extent of any question, so tarot picks up the meaning of everything that exists, and the interpretation should not be to the Since reach of profane that reveal the life of people is reserved to the clairvoyance and the experience in Cartomancy. The Tarot cards has has called them the path of wisdom, because its travel from the first to the last letter, summarizes the steps that will pass the life of a person, both in its interior of society which is in turn. In the interpretation of the tarot it is not reading a text, but interprets images that are themselves symbols, and clairvoyance interprets sensory way, sometimes relying on those symbols, why the magic of tarot lies in the wisdom of its interpretation. Berta de la Torre original author and source of the article

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