The Republic

In the ultimate test against the legitimacy of the Second Republic, was the revolution October 1934, organized by the Socialists and their leftist allies. He cites the famous text of S. de Madariaga: “With the rebellion of 1934, the Spanish left shadow lost all moral authority to condemn the rebellion of 1936.” In this regard, it should bring to light documents unearthed by Pio Moa socialists on the direct and main responsibilities of the PSOE in the bloody revolution of October 1934. The documents transcribed the author are truly taggering in its cruelty, and inciting the kidnapping and murder and theft. The progressive degradation of the Second Republic is briefly described in the opinion of Burgos (1938), which is reproduced in part. But the author goes further: “The February 1936 elections were undemocratic.” And he cites the opinion of JM Gil-Robles: Most Popular Front in 1936 was achieved in the second round by the unjust cancellation of records right. For auction was illegally dismissed Alcala Zamora as president of the Republic, frontism oppose revolutionary.

Finally, remember the assassination of opposition leader, Calvo Sotelo, assault by guards. So if democratic paradise was destroyed by some priests and military “fascists.” Therefore it is clear that the second war is going to be the result of the elections of February 16, 1936. Portela Valladares-President of the Council of Ministers, left office without having made public the findings and without waiting for the second round. The Popular Front government took over illegally manipulated the records with all kinds of rigging and traps, until the winner was already in the first round, as demonstrated by recent research of historians.I

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