The Price

Replacement cost – current cost of producing the same-object property, equivalent to the utility valued. Distinguish .. value of the property complex continuing function and resale value. The cost of the property complex, which continues functioning Rowan – the cost of such an object of sale, which, after Sauveur-sheniya transactions will continue to operate and to generate income. The residual value is the price at which the owner must agree on the sale of assets in term of less than reasonably acceptable to the market.

Depending. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view. assessment of the situation and distinguish several kinds of value: the investment, a use, insurance, heat recovery. Investment cost-value of the property complex, if viewed as an investment contribution to the implementation of any investment project. The use-value. It reflects the value or importance of the object for a specific property owner who may not have the intent to expose his open market.

Cost in use is defined as the value of economic goods to its owner-customers and is based on the efficiency of its use in the form of income, utility, comfort). Insurance value – market value object defined for insurance purposes and reflected in the insurance contract. Scrappage value-cost recyclable materials-GOVERNMENTAL assets reached. Limiting condition due to wear and tear or complete Extraordinary events have lost their original usefulness. 2.2 Principles of valuation can be divided into three groups of evaluation principles: 1. based on the concepts of ownership, 2. associated with the operation of property 3. due to the influence of market environment.

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