The Pesimism On Stock-market Prevails

The crisis of the debt in Europe and its effect in the markets has left very hairdos to the investors. A 36.1 percent of the 360 participants in the survey of feeling of market of Morningstar and, the social network of investors, has been bearish the being asked for their expectations for the bags in next the 12 months. This number surpasses the other two options for the first time: the investors who have declared themselves neutral have located in the 33.8 percent, whereas only a 30.1 percent has been declared optimistic for the market from now until a year. Thus, the percentage of optimists has been reduced until 37%, the lowest number since it began to realise this study in December of 2009, far from 24% that was registered in March, when the falls of the indices tied down the investing spirit. The jump of the pesimism has been the major in a month until now. Since in the survey realised in April only a 21% of the survey ones were pessimist, by the 36.1 percent of May.

The transfer to the zone " oscura" it has arrived as much from investors who the past month were bullish like of the neutral ones. The reading " alcista" also she is lowest since one began to realise the survey six months ago, and is very far from the highest number of this indicator, registered in the 45 percent in the first month of 2010. The neutral ones, however, stay around the average zone in which it has moved in the different monthly surveys. The survey sample that the individuals are right now more pessimists than the professionals. In fact, between the professionals, who have been a 10% of the participants in the survey, the bullish option still prevails, with a 40% of the survey ones choosing it, although the bears also give a great jump from 20% of April to 33% of May.

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