The People

Of the force of a Debtor, Please, of the respect to the rights of excessively and as much the other educated acts that if learned in house, with the families and that the schools only strengthened? Unhappyly, this and others you discipline had been being sobrepujadas for others of bigger commercial interest for the schools and for that equivocadamente they would have this paper. The most serious E, families had been if distanciando of the education of the children and neglecting its basic part in this process. Today we see that the maken a mistake vision of the education is unanimous, of that it is enough to enter in the school, to learn and many times to decorate contents and being approved in a competition any. But if to analyze the deep one more, we will see that in fact, education is in decline. The people do not compliment more, do not thank favors, are rudes with small slips of the other, not if they respect, they transgress the other people’s rights, they are aggressive in the transit, they demoralize parents, mothers and brothers, at last, are desconstruindo the education that the last generations if had considered to construct.

The gentility became rare thing. The opinion is general of that the government fails in the education, but if to stop to reflect, will see that the government fails yes, but in the question of investment in the education of the country, that involves the precariousness of the installations of the pertaining to school units, the lack of material of work for the professor, pssima remuneration of this professional, the lack of coherence of the ministry of the education with the curricular question, amongst other factors. But the question of the education in itself, this is imperfection of the society as a whole, because exactly that the government invested more in the quality of education of the country, you are welcome would advance without a change of behavior and attitudes of the managers, professors, pupils, parents and of the society in general. Education is something internal and personal that when exceeding the individual and externalizar for the way, is capable to transform a society. this needs each time more than educated people.

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