The Outcome

In accordance with the provisions of the Code of preliminary investigation bodies are endowed with much greater opportunities (within the law) to collect evidence to prove guilt of suspects and defendants. The only advantage of the lawyer and his client before the bodies of preliminary investigation is enshrined in Art. 51 Constitution: No person shall be obliged to incriminate himself, his spouse and relatives as defined by federal law. In its practical work in most cases, I strongly I recommend his client to use the right contained in this article. This is because it is first necessary to choose the right tactics and defense, and has since then set out its position. Even in the case when the case is available witnesses. Indeed, this fact can not yet conclusively prove the guilt of the defendant. May later turn out that the witnesses were mistaken in good faith or for other reasons given entirely false readings, which do not correspond to reality, and the suspect or the accused at this point has already made a confession, which reported the investigation other facts (not known to The organs of the preliminary investigation). These witnesses, in the future could take the form of procedural and form the basis for the charges, thereby adversely affecting the outcome of the case. An important factor the implementation of protection to this category of cases is the clear knowledge and representation by counsel throughout the methods and tactics of professional investigations.

Knowing all the evidence, which may have bodies preliminary investigation, should advise the client so that the ongoing investigations did not contain additional evidence of his guilt in committing these crimes. When implementation of protection are crucial conclusions of various assessments, designated and produced in a professional case. Therefore, the need for careful study of the results of examinations to analyze the findings of the expert comparing them with other evidence. There are also other protocols of investigation and the professional case, which at first glance may seem of minor importance, but on closer study, they can radically change the situation in a professional case, to open new circumstances that the bodies of preliminary investigation is not installed. These circumstances may also be used and protected in proof of innocence, the defendant. In his short article, I have tried to attract the attention of citizens who may find themselves in this situation and will need qualified legal counsel on preliminary investigation of this category of cases. Know that with timely treatment increases the possibility of effective advocacy work to protect your interests during the preliminary investigation and professional proceedings on the merits.

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