The Month

And the main principle of this science – it is your desire and discipline. I confident that the majority does not make list for the day, a week and not to mention the month and year. But if you want to succeed, to find time for the realization of their desires, you will have to change their habits and learn to keep all under control. And the first thing you should do is, as in the previous article on setting goals, sit down and work his head – to understand themselves and to prioritize. Answer yourself the following questions: Who am I today? Where am I today? Were you satisfied with me something that I spend my time? Where are my current actions? And when you realize what your life is wasted – can be scary. Someone does not want more to think about it and try to throw out all it's out of my head, but if you really decided to change, then ask yourself: What is it that I have today – is valuable for me? On what I now spend my time? Do I want to continue to live this way. Do I really want all this? How would I like to be? What prevents me, what would this be? What do I lack? What should I change it? What skills should I acquire? And then you can keep asking and asking myself questions, a lot of them. .

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