The Importance Of The Religious Feeling In Daily Pay-History

Introduction: To perceive the main aspects of the religion, in view of its relevance in the formation and development since the first moment of daily pay-history is of extreme importance for an agreement on the abstract thought that later will be called of primitive religion. Then, the present study it has as main goal, to analyze and to reflect on the importance and relevance of the primitive religiosidade for the life of the prehistoric man. Then, of beforehand it is I validate to stand out that, when approaching historically on Daily pay-History of the men is of basic importance that if has accepted the incapacity if to have an absolute certainty on this period and at the same time to inform the proper reader that the research approaches on a land of doubts and only illuminated uncertainties, for hypotheses basically concluded way found archaeological research and for certifications also made through comparisons made with the present time. In this context, when launching a more critical look goes up reality that the fence, the primitive man develops a reflected, or better, a capacity to express, through its directions, a symbolic translation for its material reality, observing the harmonious mechanics of the nature and also its proper contradictions. The few the imagination becomes the man a born creator of its existence. Here it is that its imaginary one is despertado, either in the obscure and inaccessible parts of the caves, sketching the primrdios of the Art, either in the animistic totmicos rituals or also in them you practise morturias of burial or collecting skulls of its ancestor. thus is developed not alone the religious spirit, but also the proper Homo Religiosus, endowed with all the values that conduct the life and the religious feeling. Where in the most diverse manifestations, the religious sacralidade if opposes to a profane reality, secular, practical and material.

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