The Congress

In Buarque (2009), one affirms that the abandonment to the education, even so concentrated in the poor classrooms, is generating a society that bothers to all, an inefficiency that makes it difficult the global functioning of the economy and the society. The maintenance of the order and the protection of the patrimony and the personal security cost to rich and the almost-rich ones of Brazil to almost keep a militarized force of the size of the proper Army, under the form of private monitoring. How much the democracy in Brazil, the same author affirms that: The Brazilian democracy did not advance because it did not obtain to give the basic step to leave the corporative organization for a social and national organization. The Congress has all freedom, but its members of the house of representatives almost always had been elect and represent corporative groups, losing the capacity to in general see, to understand and to represent interests of society e, especially, of the kept out of society layers. Unions, patronal members of labor party, had passed to be seen as democratization elements, when they represent only the part integrated in modernity and take almost always decisions against the interests of the great masses.

The biggest example, however, of the democratization emperrada in the corporativizao is in ' ' democracia' ' of the social medias, that was capable to eliminate the censorship, to allow the free debate, but it kept radios and televisions subordinated to the interests of the profit or the manipulation of opinion on the part of its proprietors, whom, it exempts of the state censorship, exert its proper you censure. Directly to censure, to manipulate, or indirectly so that the medias are only elements of generation of profits, and not of participation, education and cultural promotion. A democratization strategy will not function that does not eliminate the corporativizao of the society and that it does not put the free medias Been it and also it control for part of its proprietors.

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