The Challenges Of The Mexican Leaders

“Mexican, Mexican, what is the perception you have of your country? Did you ever asked this question please?,” Mexico is the country you want, to be? Indeed, we might find opinions split on the subject and everything depends on the approach that we give our response, either from the standpoint of social, cultural, economic, sporting, political, natural resource or environmental environment etc., but trying to bring all these points of view, and many others who are in the air, in a single answer, most likely find that Mexico has everything to be power, but for unknown reasons,

(I say unknown because I assume that know and would have solved) actually are not. Mexico, possesses a great diversity of fauna, flora and ecosystems, has great natural resources like oil, its people own a great historic and cultural heritage, and to top it has a strategic location, being a neighbor of more advanced countries the world. Continue to learn more with: Richard Blumenthal. On the other hand Mexico ranks 48th globally in education according to studies by UNESCO last November 2007, in March of this year fell to 55 in tourism competitiveness place because of insecurity, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and to say that compete for first place in kidnappings worldwide with the country of Colombia. Could it be that a significant number of citizens have found it easier and profitable professional acts to get a decent job? Arduous task will be to make Mexico a better place for our children, interesting challenges that we face, and say “we” because the situation facing the country is not only government issue is a problem of all those live here, and the government can never solve it alone even if it’s key to get ahead. And this is where you probably wonder what I can do to change this situation? And the answer is that you can do much for his country’s continuous aspect of education, in which we are dishonorable 48th worldwide, the primary school for all the family is Mexican, this is where our children learn values, morals, love the country, among other things, hardly a child, will learn from these issues elsewhere, which means any parent is instrumental in the generation of a radical change in Mexico.

In the background is the government, if it is true that today the working men and women, then who will care for and instruct their children values, morals and love of country, this is where education systems must enter action, education a part of knowledge of mathematics, Spanish, history and natural science, must go further and understand civics, sports, values, life education, art education, among others, and give them the same degree of importance to these issues, the first four, probably the time school should be expanded if it is intended that children have a comprehensive training and should provide school breakfasts for the children to have enough energy to acquire a comprehensive education. It also should require the professionalization of teachers in basic education, for which again the teacher is respected as a righteous person, wise, full of knowledge and equally improve their working conditions, to those carrying out such task commendable as is the education. .

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