The Chaillot Insane Person is one of the films that deserve to be acquired,kept to reviewed from time to time. because they are true classics or workmanships cousins of literature, the dramaturgia and the cinematography. Already it makes one thirty years that attended the film the Insane person of Chaillot, and since then I have looked this film in the landlords to see of new and not meeting. The film is based on the part homnima of the writer French Hypolite Jean Giraudoux and directed by the actor, producer, director and English scriptwriter Bryan Forbes, with Katharine Hepburn and Yul Brynner in the main papers. It is the history of old condessa, pertaining to the ruined French aristocracy, that still conserves its old house, its jewels, its pose, its souvenirs and its clothes. It costuma to frequent equally empobrecidas, remaining a coffee of Paris, where if it finds with other figures, of the old aristocracy, that now live of souvenirs, and with which if it congregates, to the times, to take a tea in its house. Infuriated with the avidez of that they want to transform the city of Paris into an immense field of prospection of oil, it and its friends starts to mount a private court, in the bilge of the house, where the bad entrepreneurs will be judged.

For this, it sends correspondences to all they, informing them of that, in the subsoil of its mansion, an oil well exists, invites and them to visit the place. Meanwhile, it invites an old friend, female judge pensioner, to preside over the court, and to other old members of the nobility, today transformed into beggars, trapeiros and papeleiros, to play roles of defense and prosecuting attorneys. thus the works have opening, where each politician or unscrupulous entrepreneur is judged by its crimes. There in the measure where the guests (guilty) go arriving, after pronounced its previous sentences, they are lead to the subsoil, under the excuse to visit a supposed deposit of oil. Later that all the guests are previously judgeships, sentenced and executed, this he is locked up forever in the dark coated subterranean of rocks of its house, for where each one of them is invited to go down for stairs, then the door is closed, definitively, and condessa and its assistant gives for locked up the session of that improvised court.

In general lines history is this, but the film is not summarized in this. It is a true cinematographic pearl, of the principle to the end, with its script, its dialogues, its philosophy and its reality. Old Condessa, called? the insane person? for its eccentricity, and its friends, promote the act of justice to an ideal state of effectiveness and impartiality.

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