The Ancients Reaction to the Solar Eclipse

It is not difficult to understand the reaction of these people who say that on one day the sun disappeared, becoming dark night although it was still during the day. He still keeps a little of this tradition “obscurantist” or a negative interpretation of eclipses. All these situations are no longer part of our lives, therefore, should learn to demystify the superstitions of the eclipses, because we have the scientific information of celestial phenomena. It is wonderful to see the sky at some point the moon passes the sun, covers her light, “the day gets dark, spend a few hours and return sunlight to shine during the day. Let us not repeat that eclipses bring “bad omens” which are negative cosmic manifestations. Symbolically are moments of great energy power because they bind in a particular three cosmic forces of the Sun, Moon and Earth. First of all, remember that the solar eclipse is always a specific time of New Moon, which in turn represents a beginning, a new impetus, a new vibration. We usually, in a year, 12 demonstrations start, momentum, that within the astrological symbols have characteristics associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac.

In summary, 21 / 03/2007 the sun passes the line of Ecuador, crossing the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere (definition of equinox). On 19/03/2007, we have New Moon, the Sun is the Moon in the same zodiacal degree. But we also have a third information: the meeting of the Sun and the Moon has a particular way of relating to the Earth, giving rise to an eclipse. Note: the celestial motions are constant but not the same every year, every moment. To broaden your perception, visit Connecticut Senator. In the new century, from 2000 to 2005, all New Moons not related to the equinoxes were accompanied by eclipses. But the year 2006 itself and this was repeated in 2007.

The conjunction of the Sun and Moon is given in the last degrees of Pisces, and is related to the 13th lunar month of the year, which also features Piscean. We must be alert to news of the day, political decisions / social / economic world in order to understand how to “material energy” will begin the year in a few days. Just today, 16/07/2007, leaves in newspapers around the world a Chinese government decision to recognize private property. It is a topic that was closed since 1949 (58 years) and that took 13 years of parliamentary discussions to get to this release. “Born of private property in China,” it is obvious that is reborn, but as more than two generations ago that this is closed, we can say that is a birth. Usually the symbolic interpretation of the eclipses are related to groups with specific countries or regions. In the same way that the moon is reflected in the movements of fluids, tides, eclipses occur in the movements of the earth and water, ie are associated with earthquakes, earthquakes, the tidal waves, tsunamis, etc. We can also say that there are regions that are more “eclipsed”, which have more contact with these celestial phenomena, such as southern India or Turkey, and perhaps others who know. Interference on a personal level goes through the collective, ie, a group of people go through experiences with the “effects” of the eclipse.

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