The Africans

As the slavery in Africa already she had been spread, causing a great enslaved demography, the Europeans even so they have not captured the slaves directly, they had promoted its capture through the military sales of horses and firearms. Forcing thus, exactly that indirectly, the war in order it capture of slaves. It is important to detach, therefore, that in the military, although to have been the method employee, the king more, in the majority of the cases, not vendia escravizao its subjects, only those that judged strangers. With the time the sales of slaves started to have a direction economic politician and, since the slaves had started to be sources of still bigger wealth. However, Thornton judges important to detach that some African regions as the Congo and the Benim, they had decided to interrupt the sales of slaves for European purchasers for reasons economic politicians and, why these regions were producing of fabric and pepper, and needed workers, conflicting with the European interests.

John Thornton, still makes a boarding on ' ' dynamic and independent African societies. For the Africans who had left its countries to inhabit in the new initiated Atlantic world in the islands of They are Tom or Green Cabo ' '. As it was said, the book comes bringing the all moment, the reasons for the coming of the Africans who had come to supply ' ' deficincias' ' of the aboriginal work. The Africans as well as all the societies have its culture and thus they had brought its customs and beliefs for ' ' new mundo' '. The first colonists when arriving, had used wage-earning free work but they had also used the enslaved man power that constitua in a force of permanent and thus very useful work for the cattle creation, agriculture, work artisan specialized and the service I domesticate. The author numbers some reasons for the arrival of the Africans amongst them is: the natives do not possuam great domestic animals and not if they adjusted for the cattle creation or would mount of horse the author looks for to clearly leave that the aboriginals had later learned and until they had become exmios in this chore, to put in this first moment had left behind the Africans.

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