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March 1st, 2014

They will be understood, consequently, happened or perfected the taxable facts and been born the tributary obligation: 1. In the sale of corporal personal property: b) In all the other cases different from the mentioned ones in literal previous (Sales to beings public) 4, when the invoice is emitted or equivalent document that puts record of the operation or is pleased the price or since the real delivery becomes of the goods, according to is what it happens first. Omissis 3. In the benefit of services: omissis e) In all the other cases different from mentioned in literal previous (Services Public and Telecommunications, other services of tract successive, served to Beings Public and Originating services of the outside) 5, when the equivalent invoices or documents are emitted by that the service gives, executes the benefit, is pleased, that is indispensable the return, or gives or puts at the disposal of the purchaser the good that had been object of the service, according to is what it happens first. Seen the previous thing, we can conclude then that our legislator raises four possible situations that make be born the tributary obligation as far as the sale from corporal personal property and or benefit of services to nongovernmental beings, first of them, is the emission of the invoice, that obviously would have to be the generating fact of the obligation par excellence as much and inasmuch as it constitutes a contentivo document of all the information necessary to determine the tribute. Secondly the norm makes mention to the emission of a document equivalent to the invoice nevertheless does not define as they are these documents, we could say that a document equivalent to the invoice could be a Note of Delivery which is discarded by virtue of which this document necessarily implies the delivery of the goods which constitutes in itself a generating fact of the obligation; we could also speak of the Order of purchase, which reunites the necessary elements for the determination of the tribute, except for being a contract obligee for the parts, despite the emission of this one depends on the buyer and not on the salesman, being who the generating fact of the tribute is the sale and it purchase is not then discarded; another document used by some companies, is Pre-invoices, which doubtless reunite all the requirements necessary to make be born the obligation and determine the tribute, despite it is not a document of spread use and much less of use obligatory.

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Great Knowledge

December 11th, 2012

The departure points of this observation of yes they are: 1) That we are not one. 2) That we do not have control on we ourself. We did not control our own mechanism. 3) We did not remember same. If I say: " I am reading libro" and I do not realize which " yo" I am reading, that is a thing, but when I am conscious that " yo" I am reading, that is memory of s". For Gurdjieff " everything is material in the Universo": " The Absolute thing is so material, ponderable and mensurable like the moon or the man. If the Absolute one is God, that means that God can heavy and be measured, solved in its constituent elements, " calculado" and formulated Therefore, the Great Knowledge is more materialistic than the materialism I repeat It: everything in the Universe is material." Gurdjieff makes observations in addition on:: " The black magic does not mean maleficent magic in no way Nobody never does nothing by love to the evil, or in the interests of the evil. Everybody always acts in the interests of or as he understands to it the black magic can be altruistic, can persecute or of humanity But what deserves to be called black magic always has a defined good characteristic. This character is the tendency to use to people for some aim, even the best one of the aims, without its knowledge and they understand without it, or provoking in them the faith and the encaprichamiento, it is acting in them by miedo." Really most important in the education of Gurdjieff as it is said: it is the practice, and its irrefutable mostracin of the lamentable and abnormal state in which is the human being Original author and source of the article.

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November 19th, 2012

We are to a year and three months to celebrate the bicentennial of our independence. The Mexican can say Mexico is a free and independent country, but it will be this truth? The independence of Mexico began when Miguel Noble rang the bell of Dolores and all this occurred because all the Mexicans were not in agreement with the form of the government, was equality of no opportunities, the power only had the Spaniards among others causes more. Everything finalized when Iturbide arrived at the power like monarch. Later the Mexican revolution came where the farmers rose in arms demanding the earth that had taken off them the landowners, that is to say, they snatched the Earth to them where they worked to be able to sustain to his families. It was as much the fight by the power that in that period, from 1910 to 1920 were seven presidents. Of Mexico succession could not there stabilize its problem of changed of very fast president due to coup d’etats and fights by the power neglecting the well-being of the Mexican town until it arrived Lazaro Cardinal red, person who truly thought about the town, not in the power, and the proof of this is that we continued living on its plans, I create the IMSS, Banrural I enter other benefits to help the worker. Today less than a year and a half of the independence and centenary of the Mexican revolution I ask myself he was really realised what he was wanted. First with 70 years of dictatorship of the PRI, later they made think us that the PRI was the problem, arrived Vicente Fox at the presidency step its presidential term and how it was Mexico. We followed equal with the same problems of always with 20 million of Mexican in extreme poverty, with the corruption that has made us as much damage.

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