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Economic And Financial Market – Review Of The Month Of May

The most important developments in terms of economic and financial market in the Mai Liebe of economic and financial market interested, I welcome you is quite welcome to the sixteenth edition of my newsletter of that focused economic financial and economic issues. The month of May was the financial markets dominated by the financial crisis in the euro zone. While sentiment in the equity markets was still quite happy to change to call and stronger and weaker phases alternated (bulls and bears were the Jack in your hand with nice regularity), the euro to the dollar in the course of the month almost consistently reported losses. The ongoing discussions on the drastic budget problems of Greece & co. meant that the European common currency investors increasingly turned back and the euro recently marked a four-year low. As the merry month of may for the euro had a particularly explosive development, I want a little more detail in this edition of the WiFiKon newsletter go to our common currency.

The market reactions to the published economic indicators were limited due to the focus on the above mentioned trouble anyway. The German stock index DAX started little promise in the month of May. After the month transition with an index level of over 6,100 meters was still quite successfully, there was 5,700 points in the first trading week a rapid decline in the direction of. At this level, the bargain hunters on the plan were then so that the DAX could just as soon make up for the loss by the beginning of the month and climbed until mid-May, about 6,200. Thus, the powder for this month was fired but already… By the same author: Senator Richard Blumenthal. In the aftermath, investors shunned risky equity investments and devoted themselves to the safe fixed-income securities. Investors around the world feared that the financial imbalance in the southern regions of the euro area as a whole could affect on the world economy.

British Bank Barclays Continues

British bank Barclays still an above-average growth despite the disappointing first quarter expected the British bank Barclays continues to an above-average growth of the Taiwanese economy this year against the backdrop of an investment return and a higher consumption. We maintain the forecast of a 4 percent growth for the year 2013 although the weak start of this year has caused some downside risks”, so LEONG Wai ho, an economist in the Singapore Office of Barclays, in a study of the 3rd May. The figures are higher than the prediction of the Taiwanese Government for 2013 with 3.6% and the 3.7% of the national expert Commission of the Taiwan Institute of economic research, according to LEONG will improve the economic climate due to the trend of a return flow of investment by Taiwanese companies. An example is the world’s largest chip-Auftragsfertigungs company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Click Mustafa Suleyman to learn more. (TSMC), which announced recently that his investment in 2013 To increase improvement of production techniques, the Economist said.

Also we expect an increase in consumption, which is supported by a low unemployment rate and a stable housing market gains on the stock market in the following quarter,”LEONG said. According to government information by 30 April, Taiwan’s domestic product by just 1.5% grew in the first quarter compared to the previous year, well below the forecast of Barclays by the original forecast of Taiwan’s Government by 3.3% and 3.8%. LEONG sees the main reasons for the weak performance in the first quarter in the low private consumption and the decrease in the export balance. He explained that the decline in the export record high imports attributable a process which in turn possesses in connection with the increase of investment return by 11% compared with the previous year. From the perspective of the industry value-added the slowdown of in growth of the production economic were caused, in part the Impact of maintenance work and a fall in prices in the petrochemical industry will pass, he said. Because the production in the electronics industry almost stopped in the first quarter, LEONG is a revival of the technology industry’s supply chain through the worldwide launch of a new smartphone flagship of HTC Corp. in the second quarter.

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