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Energy Security

Consider that when it comes to energy security and profits are set aside critical questions and experiences disastrous. Southern governments, like Brazil or Indonesia, presented the issue of agrofuels as an “opportunity for growth and development.” In short, notes Brand, what is experienced in the field of environmental policies is an attempt to re-stabilize the neo-liberal globalization project driven by imperial crisis, presenting a progressive image in the field of environmental policy. “World leaders have understood the problem,” this is what we hear in summits of the G8 and UNFCCC. But in fact the existing pattern of resource and environmental policies are being formulated for power and do not challenge existing relations of domination. Very interesting indicating Brand, on the subject, it is necessary to an international campaign to radically transform climate change policy. Therefore, we need to make radical demands and proposals through discussions and exchanges of experiences and points of view.

These demands and proposals should be raised within the discussions and current problems and alter the interpretation of them we have today, offering possibilities for action. Highlight that criticism of the dominant political environment and climate change does not mean to be cynical about climate change and our intention is in no way strengthen the interest group that advocates the development path based on fossil fuels. However, we see no solution to the problem in the Western scientific knowledge, in intergovernmental processes and ecological modernization for the Western middle classes at the expense of many others, especially the poor, and the material conditions of life on the planet. No doubt it is very eloquent manifestation, that politics in times of profound socio-ecological crisis has to be designed differently, as an informed transformative process that takes into consideration the many ambiguities, but with an eye in a fairer world based on solidarity, beyond the dogma of competition and profit. Consider what says Dr, Hermann E Ott director of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy., Which does not have much time, because the geological and biological systems will not wait for humanity. After a certain time (do not know when, but it is closer), the climate system will become dangerous. It is no exaggeration to compare these times to before the Second World War. This time, mankind must act before the break against foreseeable disasters

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