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Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Philosopher with an emphasis on abstract reasoning and applied. Philosopher with an emphasis on formal logic. Under most conditions Sen. Sherrod Brown would agree. Philosopher with an emphasis in political science. Degree with emphasis in labor and commercial laws, if both for the pure and the degree each semester should see two apart from the basic materials of the curriculum. During the 10 semesters, employment law and commercial. For both during 10 semesters abstract reasoning and applied mathematics 70%. For both formal and intuitive logic, every semester, that philosophers know how to do mathematical proofs.

For both political science during the 10 semesters. When I say I mean both the pure and the degree. Thus for two days a week and graduates philosophers teach the emphasis and teach for two more days for philosophy in its essence. Ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, ontology, history of philosophy, logic, philosophy etc art. But as the Ministry of Education is a state entity subject to ridicule. No proposals can exercise how are you.

As the government only thing that matters is the holding for an investment of this caliber. Sustainability: 1. Many expressed over the years that is better than the student of philosophy will not see such emphasis that I have spoken. Then answer them, that true philosophers always take forward the matters to be enshrined. 2. In this letter I do not mean the bourgeois philosophers. Since these are the means of production to generate more wealth and power if they make a legitimate power illegitimate. 3. because many of the youth of our country and who are poor, they can not occupationally involved in Colombia because philosophy has no relevance to the education ministry and the district secretary of education. Much less for the state. 4. If there is one country on earth where you will appreciate the philosophy. Utopian agree, that would be important to form lines of philosophical study as follows: take three races, “bachelor” after a masters degree in one of them and therefore the doctorate. This also applied to the marginalized of society. Line a career of philosophy in theoretical physics + race + race in ethics this lasted two years MSc and PhD in one of the three. Line 2 race philosophy + math + race career that lasted two years ethic MA and Ph.D. in one of the three. Line 3 race philosophy + career + career history MA and Ph.D. in anthropology of the three. Line 4 stroke race literature + philosophy + career Masters and Ph.D. in philology of the three. Line 5 career philosophy political science + career + career Masters and Ph.D. in sociology of the three. Line 6 philosophy + career + career law degree in political science master’s and doctoral degrees in one of them. Line 7 Race metaphysical philosophy + career + career race logic philosophy Line 8 + career + career Geographic astronomy philosophy Line 9 + career + careers career theology of human rights. But obviously not interested governments that men learn to think for themselves .

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