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Jordanian Queen Rania

Al Maktoum it already has two wives and one of them is the Middle sister of King Abdullah of Jordan (November.) Madame Susu (Suha), as their intimate, know what it is called the beautiful Jordanian Queen Rania (n.1970), to tell him that his sister-in-law, would have to share the harem with a wife more young than she, in an absolutely unfair competition. Leila was infuriated, and without thinking twice, drove the Tawil of Tunisia. For its part, Leila Ben Ali, when he saw that the political stability of her husband was in danger, pulled out of the central bank a ton and a half of gold ingots and deposited it in a safety deposit box in Dubai where his friend, the Maktoun is pattern and soto in the Emirate. Speaking of to the Maktoun: shocked the world when he declared willing to donate ten $ 1 billion to establish a foundation aimed at improving education in the Middle East. With his personal initiative he tried to, according to him, creating a knowledge-based society.

But when the alms is big, cool with her. Al Maktoum has been accused, in a Court of the United States.The U.S., for his alleged relationship with the abduction of about thirty thousand children who would have been forced to work, among other duties, such as caretakers and jockeys in camel racing, a very popular sport in the Emirates. The dispute has been driven by the parents of six of these children, citing international laws against child labour. While the Palestinians suffer, other Muslim brothers squander hands full, and unable to give them a paltry support. Total: it is Israel who can spoil the blame for everything. Life is a photocopy // m.ar original author and source of the Article

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