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Details of pipelines connecting to date are very important for valves, pipelines, plumbing systems and water pipes. A wide range of flanges and flanged compounds due to the versatility of these components of pipelines and pipeline armatury.Eta universal flanged connections has its own reasons. The first is the material of manufacture flanges and flanged compounds, characteristics of the steels used in the manufacture of these pipeline components is very different, they operate in temperature ranges from -70 to +800 degrees Celsius, have different characteristics of hardness, plastic toughness, impact strength. The use of different grades of steel greatly expands the scope of the flanges and flanged connections, allows the use of pipe components under different climatic conditions (from south to the Far North) and with different working environments (from water to reactive acids). The possibility of using flanges and geometrical parameters govern the state standards, the most frequently apply: gost 12821-80, gost 12820-80, gost 28759.3-90. Those standards govern the use of flanges and flanges with a diameter of 15 mm. to a maximum diameter of 4000 mm. and working pressures from 1 atmosphere to 200 atmospheres.. According to Sen. Sherrod Brown, who has experience with these questions.

The Environment

Part of this debris perfectly amenable to processing using special presses. As a result of their use mass waste decreases by 10-12 times. This greatly reduces the costs for temporary storage and garbage collection. Add to shopping centers presses for collection is not less important, and in shopping centers, whose number continues to grow in every city. Such equipment allows the use of a warehouse store more efficiently.

The main types of waste in the stores – paper, packing cardboard, polyethylene. Recycling through the press does not only reduce storage costs and waste his removal, but will also earn by selling it as secondary raw materials (subject to pre-sort). For home use the press for debris in addition to the advantages mentioned above, has other advantages, many of whom particularly important in everyday life. For example, a device of this type sealed and completely eliminates the spread in the room smells of waste, as well as their dispersal, will keep the apartment clean and tidy. Particularly relevant plant presses in homes where there is a problem with garbage disposal. Press garbage from 'Schekinobumprom' On the Russian market there are more companies producing equipment for recycling waste. From domestic company would like to mention 'Schekinobumprom', which produces Chip hydraulic presses for packing waste paper, cardboard boxes and other scraps of paper, pet bottles, aluminum and tin cans, metal shavings and other ferrous metal scrap, rags and other space debris.

The advantage of balers from 'Schekinobumprom' is that they are not made from lightweight profiles, like most other manufacturers, but from shvelerov number 22, 24, 30, gost, which ensures longevity of this equipment. Production 'Schekinobumprom' is used in reception centers recycling on markets, publishing houses, shopping centers, branches of light and food industries, as well as other companies that are faced with large amounts of debris. Press for garbage – it's equipment, which should appear in every enterprise and every house, wherever they think about the environment. But for those who care about where to live – in the beautiful city or at the dump, you may want to think about their own economic benefit which will install equipment for recycling.

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