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Civil Defense

The perception on climatic ambient disasters is essential to understand, as the population if finds front to these phenomena, as the city is prepared for these extreme events, as well as the Civil Defense and the too much public agencies. When understanding the perception and the interpretation of the landscape under psicossociais perspectives, must be considered the different responsible cultural realities for the construction/desconstruo of the landscapes, as well as for the maintenance of the conservacionistas and preservacionistas processes. Therefore the culture encloses interiorizadas sets of rules, in which if they detach to know and practical of one definitive group, delineating a way of being and of lives e, consequently, to become related with and developing readings on the landscape (GEERTZ, 1973). Great part of the population reached for some type of disaster does not consider that it lives in a vulnerability area, many finds that the problem occurs at definitive times, and measures its vulnerability of the form as a disaster happens individually, taking in consideration its losses and its changes. The majority of the people has a perception front to a disaster, but always they take in account the place where they live they see, them as a home, with friends, family, social life, and thus to see in a risk area many times runs away its perception. The perception involves cultural aspects, where stimulatons of reaction and the cognition constitute the values of the cultural elements, therefore observer more at great length apprehends familiar objects, that inside send the meanings of its partner-cultural repertoire. In such a way, the culture results of different forms of perception, that is, the peculiarity of the individual perception on the world, that elapses of an election and ordinance of the apprehended elements. In this point, can to consider correlation between perception ambient and fenomenologia, that, in turn, has as base the essence that the objects present for the individuals, as well as the life experience.

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