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Child Exploitation

Labor exploitation in infants is an issue that concerns us all, obviously was not the Mexican government’s main task as we have noted that the figures are increasing and it is quite visible in both urban and rural areas, no longer exists geographical discrimination in this situation. There is a perception that the abuse of child labor is existent only in third world countries actually the causes why this kind of problems occur is because of the economic backwardness in any way should be a priority of all our political representatives to eliminate exposure of these children to such a precarious environment in which they are in danger, poor hygiene and jobs that require more physical strength of a small 5 to 15 years can tenet.

Wages that children can perceive is basically tips, no vacation or health insurance, without any care and all this by the need to remain in their homes, where most are abused in many ways. If you are not convinced, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. This situation is present every day but does not occupy the front pages of newspapers or the most relevant news on television or radio, no news has been widespread enough to alarm the whole country, but just giving an opinion by of the Committee on Labour and Social Welfare of the House of Representatives to call on combating child labor. We can not stay in opinions require to make laws and enforce them, the stage flanked colonial rule to this type of action completed, it is possible that conditions that are beyond the reach of children schooling rate is reduced, the increase social exclusion and equality, and trafficking of children continue existing.

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