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Mainova Home Game

Five rocking one on 1 October the most saturated sounds of the region through the Batschkapp halls. In the best “night passion, vocal cords and body force conjure a vibrant tapestry of sound on the big stage to the delight of lovers of good music. care of Mainova home game “Frankfurt am Main, September 12, 2011 – with 35 Lenzen performers in the music world are already to the old timers”. An age in which it is to take advantage of the wave of success. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutionss opinions are not widely known. Also the Batschkapp counts since the Funfunddreissigern 2011. And washed up long ago to the top. Die Toten Hosen, Robbie Williams, Kim Wilde and Nirvana brought the musical heart of Frankfurt they all have to look.

Who wants to do the same, you must be really good, have music in the blood. Of course this also applies to the line up of the eighth best of Mainova home game “-evening.” The five of the 1.10.11 push to the top. As hardly any other number can be so much shine musicians eyes like one preferably before their own name in the charts. At the beginning of the October the brisk tempo in the road are called. Breitenbachs snotty rohrendem rock, the waves and beats of the water safety and the captivating-pumping rap-rock lines of HipRockTized none remains between melancholic sinnierend in the corner are available. The leg jerks at the musettehaft whipping sounds of trumpets who coldplayhaft rotating electronically further spills Rossi’s up at Morning Boy the wave of sentiment. Real will be rewarded who gives everything, is carried on the shoulders of his fans.

Because playing the Mainova home”trailer and bands blend into a rich sound from cheers and beats. There blows up the harmony”also no slate sound, white Matze Brunner, even musicians and responsible for booking the Batschkapp. We call the bands properly.

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