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City Council Pastrana

As would like, just, make a simple tribute! Unfortunately, one rarely has news of those people who, even so, one admires. And it said that “nobody is a prophet in his own land” is revealed nostalgic when you know people like ALVARO SANCHEZ Pastrana. We have become good friends over the internet, after coincidental visit to my website, a couple of months. The ITPO is a “racamandaca” a full-time Huila, a Colombian passionate and proud of his origins, a politician who triumphs over twelve thousand miles from home, we are proud of a countryman. Alvaro, son of Emilio Sanchez Marco Pastrana Amira Rodriguez and Camacho, born in Neiva on September 27, 1950, studied computer science and went to live in Spain more or less twenty-three, looking for that future with which we dream extraordinary Latinos.

Today, our friend is also a Spanish national. As an aside, he is teamed with family ties to the current President of Colombia, but plays in the opposite ideological fringe. Indeed, four years ago is to serve as First Selectman in the Town Hall Bolanos de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, representing the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), led in Spain, as we know, by former President Felipe Gonzalez. According to my information, is the only Colombian resident or citizen to play a political office in that category in that nation. Read additional details here: Mustafa Suleyman. But our illustrious countryman is not only exercised Councillor but all gallantly, height and ferment the leadership of the opposition in the City Council and holds the General Secretariat of the Local Group of the Party.

Finally, also a member of the Provincial Party Committee in Ciudad Real. Our friend Sanchez Pastrana, in short, is a whole outstanding figure of the political world in this Spanish region, it actually has done not forget his homeland but he has increased his nationalism and regionalism. ASU single email address is confirmed: “I put at your disposal, my resume, me and my political skills if needed, to assist in the search for peace of our beloved Colombia,” he wrote in his last Alvaro letter. I have no doubt that a character in this category would bring much to our peace process, but the highlight of the matter is the will of the sincere and humble Opita who, having triumphed on the outside and living comfortably in Europe still wants both their country to abandon everything, if necessary, to put a grain of sand in the construction of the welfare of their countrymen. Sanchez Alvaro Pastrana is like an ambassador of Huila in the mother country. It is an example to us all. Our Department should establish a program to locate and contact all those compatriots who have honored us with their good work or triumphs abroad. They would help us a lot in order to shape the new concept of regional leadership XXI century. Meanwhile, we will comply with this humble tribute to ALVARO SANCHEZ Pastrana, after warmly thank the daily promotion of positive face Colombian unknown.

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