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This person will have a greater propensity to observe in detail the type of clothing that her friends wore because it is focusing attention on that aspect, therefore uses energy in that condition. It is important to emphasize that the use of energy is good to the extent that attention that loans help us to our goals, to say something in the case of clothing from friends in the Park, a designer could find an inspiration for their own design based on the observation that could perform, in this case the use of energy has been efficient because it has supported one of the objectives of the observer. There is something very important in this, most of the people uses energy in what you don’t want, you look at violence, disease, problems, etc.

And what happens?, happens that we started programming our subconscious mind the things that we don’t want in life and finally see results negative in our lives, why we see that many good people occur at them bad things, it is not that these people wanted that consciously, but they unconsciously and very subtly programmed unpleasant information in their lives. We have seen how to use energy with the sense of sight, the advice I give them is that they see the things that they only liking them, continuously see the House of their dreams, the cars that want to have, the physicist who wish to, etc. Visualize what you really want, imagine, dream, this has much power although many people believe it or not, also use other senses, hear nice things, success stories, nature sounds that give you peace of mind and bring good memories, touch furniture you want, you feel them, touch what he longs for. Is also important to mention the use of the energy from the point of view of the emotions, when we put emotion into something employment of energy soars in remarkable shape, consider the fact of physical energy, if someone leaves their depleted work and all you want is to go home to rest, but suddenly arises a surprise party and call it, if this person enjoys a lot of festivities will notice as it is filled with energy and you can spend all night enjoying calmly, what happened there?

The answer is the motivation and energy that produces do something that We really enjoy, for that reason to achieve success in life it is necessary to do things that give us great joy, great satisfaction, that will make the fruits of our projects to appear more quickly, what we must do to avoid wasting energy, as defined by ANDREW CORENTT in his book I am happy, I am rich, first consider and clearly define what we want in life immediately make a coherent plan to achieve our objective and we use energy properly, for this is necessary to think, analyze and observe everything related to our idea, then we avoid view and focus energy on what you don’t want, it is necessary to eliminate fanaticism such as politics, sports, certain radical groups, etc.

Congresswoman Orfilia Mejia

Does from Honduras reported our correspondent Ricardo Salgado, Ida Garberi: again it is repressed, bumping wildly: the young members of the musical group coffee Guancasco beat them, they broke their instruments do even when impunity? The repressive forces of the humano-cristiana dictatorship targeted desperate at the moment against the mobilization of the national front of resistance in San Pedro Sula. Submitted by Ricardo Salgado have built an ambush, in which have fractured many people, with luxury of brutality, even breaking them teeth with truncheons, and an undetermined number of people have taken to an unknown destination. They have also attacked Radio Uno with tear-gas in quantities above saturation and savagely beaten to the employees within the same. Boys and girls affected by fumes and violence are reported. People still flee at this moment. This story is developing ask to all the peoples of the world will mobilize and require the cutting of any help to this murderous regime. The Wolf dictator Sosa would have said recently that no international recognition interested because those who will give money as it is occurring.

Not to disbursements for these murderers. Regime represses peaceful March in San Pedro Sula by Dina Meza a peaceful demonstration was brutally suppressed by police and military. Dozens of people have been detained and beaten. Radio one was attacked with tear gas and the uniformed left unconscious from shock to Ernesto Bardales, of this radio. The former Congresswoman Orfilia Mejia reported that, when he came in his chariot policemen threw in tear gas which brought two children who were beaten. Dozens of students were savagely beaten and bands of war in public schools that participated in the March of resistance were destroyed and coffee Guancasco equipment was also destroyed and fired pepper gas to its members. The March came followed by tankettes and platoons of COBRAS that elements when the mobilization came to the barrio El Benque where It is Radio one began the repression.

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