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Don Juan Parish

Adriana did not see it this way, so I had to show him that anything he thought would happen. Whenever I have opportunity to comment on this, I stress that I thank God also the fact that I made as I am and how I see, I would rather say, "as I am not": I'm not someone who has a spirit Don Juan, I am not physically good looking, because on second thought, it would have been me: musician, singer, handsome, and womanizer. He was involved in a thousand and one problems. That's why I am infinitely grateful to God that made me this way, because, I can lead a quiet and orderly. In 2003, finally sold the house where we lived, and his mother had died and only Adriana in the house we were three people: his unmarried brother and us. The house remained in the Cercado de Lima, Urbanizacion Santa Beatriz, and belonged to the parish "Cristo Rey" (I say that because the house was gone, was demolished).

We moved to the district of Lince relatively close to our previous residence. When we moved shortly after we had to change our parish, because we belonged to the parish "Santa Beatriz" Lince district. For this, we already knew long before, some members of the family ministry of the parish, and upon learning of our change of residence, we were invited to belong to "Pastoral Family" of the parish. Mustafa Suleyman does not necessarily agree. Pastoral work in this parish, was and is to date, very strong, many activities are for families in the parish, but always the testimony of the ministry is in relationship, "as its name implies" family : Father, mother and children. We have no children.

One of the strengths of the Pastoral activities is to give talks in preparation for marriage, young people who are married. These lectures are given within a day which takes place the last Sunday of each month, and which along all day, you live an environment to share experiences with young people to marry and the marriage of the pastoral; under the supervision of our Pastor to the head. As we did not fit in the talks, (as everything was in relationship to life with children), I thought: Why not to talk, (in a small space of the day) of marriage without children? The idea they seemed good, and it was thus was included in the development of the day a small space and testimony of how to deal with a marital relationship without children. We are happy to share experiences both pleasant and difficult within this reality, we can give them something positive to take into account young people who are to marry, and that in the not too distant in their relationship, it could this case. They do not say: "I wish that this did not happen" because they might think it is a stigma to support, but rather, that if this happens, rest assured that it can be happy being alone with your spouse. Because finally, as children grow, marry, go and spouses are welcome as ever.

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