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Someday the Liberation Will Come

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most reprehensible of today. I always watched this on television news, but this time, I experience it as they say “live and direct.” With the musical group (to which I belong), we headed to a contract (commitment, performance), the constitutional province of Callao. The driver will fly through the district of Brena to reach our destination, (it is noteworthy that we were starting the district of Jesus Maria). Almost Avenue crossing Venezuela, we crossed a mob of gangsters, barrister, “as they like to call” their way to a football game at Callao. On their way they were destroying everything, everything that could arrangeable passers, throwing stones, and more acts of vandalism. Then we had to turn back along with other vehicles, to take another road. The shock was tremendous, and we were all musical instruments in the taxi.

At the end we arrived at our destination unharmed. After this event I play live, I get the following questions: Is it fair that some football matches, it was disturbing public order, What power is this, that the government can not act? Do I need this type of entertainment in our country? Peruvian football for some time, it represents nothing. When they reach the playoffs for the Co pa Libertarianism, do not pass the first stage. In the world, needless to say, many years ago that we will not. Whenever there is news of Peruvian football, is unpleasant Matters. In fact only serves to acts of vandalism (in our case). Why is not this pseudo definitely suspended national football championship? As I asked before What power is this? In particular I think the stadiums should become athletic fields only, and when in the case of some young talents in football, he was sent abroad to make his career, like science, music and art. I also think I should go back conscription, although I always thought that military life is not character and values in people, but in this case to stop the vandalism, it would be necessary to be an extreme case. Someday, it will come to understand that public order is above any minority power.

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