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The Person

That is to say: choose a man or an assembly of men who represent your personality and that each considers as its own and acknowledge himself as author of whatever I do or promote anyone who presents himself, in those things which concern peace and common security, which also each submit their wills to the will of him, and his judgments to his trial. This is more than consent or concord: it is a real unity of all in one and the same person, established by covenant of every man with others in such a way as if to say to all: authorize or transfer this man, or assembly of men my right of governing myself, with the condition that you transferireis him autorizareis your right and all his actions in the same way. This done, the crowd and only one person is called a state, in Latin, Civitas "…. As the right to represent the person of all is given to whom all sovereign constitute only one agreement to another, and not the sovereign in each of them, there can be no breach of covenant by the sovereign, and consequently none of his subjects, based on a violation, may be released from his submission … As each subject is, under that institution, author of all acts and judgments of the sovereign instituted, it is that whatever the sovereign right can not constitute injury to any of his subjects, nor should it be accused of injustice for any of them … .

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