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Leadership Development

What we are doing is very dependent on these teams and we have to avoid if we want to learn and be people of knowledge, but is well then you better not attend meetings because maybe there is someone else on the waiting list could not enter because you are there and this person could take advantage of this opportunity more than you, nothing good is a record of participation at that meeting whether to ask you do not know who said at the opening of the event. It was very frugal when I read about in this way, but we must be aware that the things were made and these teams were made to make life easier not hinder or disturbing others not to put them due attention. Sen. Sherrod Brown spoke with conviction.

I can tell you that all your fault is not because the speaker or instructor has his opportunity and the right to request the beginning of your presentation or simply turn off the equipment to set the rules while the game is present, should also have control of this event and if this allowed to happen is also bad because you are allowing your disrespectful to him and the rest of the participants. I confess that when I had the opportunity to have a laptop in my possession at the start would also all meetings and workshops with her, but that’s when I realized that you can not do everything at once, having this device in front of you and gives you caught the temptation of doing a thousand things, there comes a time in which I was one of the people who walked in all but the meeting, but one day take the decision not to carry or laptop, or leaves, or anything, just sit and pay attention to the instructor and believe me it gives much better results because the end so my attention was that comment when the attendees are certain things that I had points if he knew had been raised and they get in front of a laptop did not know at what time the subject was exposed.

Not having a laptop in a meeting do not believe me off value against the other, but rather because they respect your teammates that you have a non-distracting next to you, the instructor putting care and best of all, you learn a lot. If you have not having bothered with this article, as I say is my personal way of thinking and I hope to achieve get your attention if you’ve been in this situation that mentions the lack of attention and respect for others, and take the same decision I to put aside my great friend the laptop.

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