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Convention Centers

The streets of la Guajira, its few avenues, its platforms, its parks and its public places are generally the stage for everything you can expect of a place where citizens congregate: markets satellites, centres of social gathering, wall of lamentations, political observatories, etc. Where there are people there are relations of Exchange and dialogue and common spaces serve precisely for that. To integrate society around the things that create; the problems that need solving; the stories that you want to count; the data that you want to find out. In short: the sardinel and bus stop, are also, urban meeting places and small Convention Centers to ventilate pulsating current affairs. The foregoing is normal and what you are going to tell, has become unfortunately normal: public spaces have become the place in which one of the most serious problems of the peoples is evident: child poverty and absolute poverty of a thickness number of citizens.

Notwithstanding programs jobs underway by the Administration departmental to combat hunger; However the ambitious intention of the State to protect children and the family through policies public careful and expensive; However the solidarity of the communities is a fact that poverty this present in our local geography as one shows the scope of the social and economic crisis which the country is going through. It gives despite seeing children with outstretched hand and your weak little voice asking for a currency to buy something, a piece of bread to soothe their hunger or leftovers from the dish in a restaurant to feed their desire to live. Up to some time ago La Guajira is its having some conditions different from the other departments and was considered free of misery for a long time because poverty was regarded as a disgrace to society as a whole. However, a time here everything has changed and children, (unfortunately are more children), pushed by hunger, took to the streets to ask for alms and today is them solving this way its more pressing problem: the of get even a piece of bread to relieve hunger. Added to the foregoing serious allegations about the existence of children’s gangs in Maicao which are cited in certain places to have real battles in which the objective is assaulting enemies of physical and verbal form.

The above unless there has been a strong reaction of the authorities, parents and of bodies responsible for ensuring the well-being of children. Children LOAs are not the future as I was previously considered them but the present, today, and of course, tomorrow. If we leave them to die of hunger or we allow now to solve the poor their contradictions, we are forging a society that then look at this generation for accountable for everything what was not done in time. Therefore, it is best that we begin to ask account ourselves from this very moment.

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