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Are You One Of Those Who Complain ?

What can be done following a complaint? One way to a “deceptively easy” solution is to live and let the rest of the world strive, take risks and make changes in their lives, content to be mere spectators waiting to judge and criticize any action of others. Undoubtedly it is much easier to be an active witness. Criticism in our society has become part of our usual days. It is part of humor, media and even some are taken as a profession. The complaint is part of a delay in one of their most hidden. Imagine that we stayed with a friend and found no place to park.

We can blame the traffic, complaining about our bad luck, the few car parks, the immensity of the city, government and climate change. The truth is that there is no free parking at this time is not something that in itself is “good” or “bad.” It was just a specific need that we could not see fulfilled as wanted. From this point, contemplate the two most logical alternative. The lack of control over yourself can lead to whine as you’ve usually been doing and let the level of your dissatisfaction grows beyond words. In this case most likely be late to the meeting, angry and thus wasting your time and your friend again absolution your responsibility for your inefficiency. Or if not, probably this time, arrive a bit late for the appointment, but the fact of not expressing a complaint does not result in creating a problem. This vision will make you take direct action on the events, thus enhancing your responsibility and ability to succeed. Now, while you’re focused on the solution and not to harass your frustration, you can become actively imagining effective solutions.

Needless to say we can inaugurate a happy match that first laugh on an irrelevant fact!. Let us go a little further … Can you now imagine the face of that friend when you leave after you’ve heard lament after regret? Now can you imagine having caused a perpetual smile at the same meeting?. If you’ve chosen to create the feeling of being outside, you should ask yourself because you do not choose the same gesture for your own benefit. How much time you waste complaining about situations or people? Do you regret your bad luck to live in a country?, Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a political, a sport, or a neighbor who clearly support the guilt of all your ills. But you should bear in mind that the complaint you wasting your energy and perpetuated in a state of mere observer, with no possibility of action, and therefore exchange Face!, Again the choice is yours. Look around. Someone in half and despite the adversity that has made both to encourage success. And that success was not achieved from a basis of perpetual lamentations and complaints. The truly successful people do not have time for criticism. They constantly and consciously built. Shape their future from a present-based solid confidence in themselves. Their mistakes and their environment are only tools that exploit the best possible way. The next time that life offers you wasting your time in criticism and complaints, declined the invitation. You’ve added immediate value to your life. You, thank you, and in all likelihood your environment too.

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