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Professional Prosecutor

a policeman said to the others: “This boy, let him go? And another said: No, take him down to the basement and hook it up in a cell until the morning of when Dirandro come and take over. Freddy began to mourn as a child, I beg on their knees to police, explained that never in his life had used drugs in the professional era, that was just in passing, that the kids were just acquaintances from the neighborhood, but that had nothing to do with the drugs found. His face was covered with tears winced. With pleading voice and eyes that asked thereby stop him, not make you lose your job. a But nothing sirvio.Fue arrested, locked in a cell with common criminals. In cell one of the criminals beat him by making noise with his disconsolate tears. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sen. Sherrod Brown has to say. a – peice of garbage one of the criminals taunted him. Another offender shot him two kicks in the abdomen and silence.

regarding the other kids, their parents came to the police station elegant cars. Accompanied by his lawyers and relatives ordered him to release the minors to on bail. those parents said their children were school children 15,16,14 and could not be detained for no reason, to be held criminally responsible. Only two of them were 18 years old. Rodolfo and others were all minors. Lawyers warned the Commissioner that the phone had the Professional Prosecutor on duty and that the rise from morning if necessary, to report the abuse against minors. a the Commissioner, I look at parents and their lawyers, I looked out the window of his office in the courtyard and elegant luxury cars that were in the garage, ondo breath and said: a – Well, show me the birthdays of the minors. He reviewed them and said “Sergeant a bring to children who are in the dungeons in the basement.

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