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39% Of Spanish Consumers, Are Willing To Pay 10% More For A Product

The 39% of Spanish consumers and 48% worldwide, is prepared to pay 10% more to buy sustainable products, despite the economic crisis. Thus, explained Chief Operating Officer of Havas Media in Spain, Jose Maria Frigola, during the presentation of study in Madrid, “sustainability is defying the economic crisis”, as it is the component in which fewer companies have cut . Furthermore, although the main concerns of respondents have changed since the last survey was carried out, and now unemployment and the economic situation is the main global concern, issues related to sustainability “are second in a consolidated “said the chairman of Havas Media, Fernando Rodes. “Consumers know the subject at a level that we did not suspect and have taken action,” said Rodes. In fact, according to the study, 77 percent of Spanish consumers considered which should punish irresponsible companies, and the same percentage says it should reward companies that behave in a sustainable manner. Furthermore, 80 percent of consumers worldwide believe that companies should “lead” the shift toward a more sustainable model of production and 80 percent of the Spanish considered the same, while only 30 percent say Governments are primarily responsible for the problem. However, “companies must understand that sustainability is not what you want to look but what one is,” said Rodes, who said if they want to make investments in sustainable competitive advantage must be consistent with what they say and does, because, yet, 72 percent of buyers and Spanish, 64 of consumers worldwide believe that companies investing in sustainability for ‘marketing’.

Best positioned. Along the study, Havas Media presented ‘Sustainable Futures Quotient (SFQ), a tool to analyze and compare practices implemented by different companies in terms of sustainability and to assess to what extent they help to build brand value. After analyzing 20 different brands of 8 sectors, Havas Media concluded that the brands best positioned in terms of sustainability in Spain include Danone, Nestle and The English Court, while globally the best results are Danone, Nestle and Unilever. In contrast, the worst performing sectors are the oil companies get, the automotive and utilities such as electricity and gas. The same happens with consumer goods companies that are “lagging behind” in this sense. Finally, the telecommunications sector and the financial sector are considered among the less impact they have.

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