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Federal Environmental Pact

In Argentina, establishing the Department of Natural Resources and Human Environment in 1973, but a coup in 1976, stopped its achievements. In 1991 he created the Federal Council on the Environment and Eco post 92, Federal Environmental Pact signed in 1993, whose imprint is included in Article 41 of the Constitution amended in 1994.Habria to wait until late 2002, for the Argentine Parliament made operational this constitutional provision, with the enactment of Law 25 675, called the General Law of Environment, whose current enforcement authority is exercised by the Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is recalled that the Argentine Parliament has ratified several conventions arising from the Agenda XXI and the Sea Convention rights above, and that the same reform of 1994, these treaties gave a higher hierarchy than laws. In this way, Argentina has entered the institutional level in the environmental world order joint. This certifies that the question before us is concerned about the agendas of international, regional and the national government.

But at Argentine hace_ us – and this is obviously debatable – that as we go down to the provincial government agencies, municipalities, the agendas of institutions and the public good of our family groups, the question is minimized when there directly. To internalize the issues leading the communication on the agenda of the municipal entities, institutions of public good, particularly the personal agendas, our message is directed, not without anguish. State of our spirit, which is generated by the flow of information we process through our small but unique way of seeing the world. .

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