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Manifested Significant

Clever way to get rid of situations is projected onto the other our own mood Franz Kafka From the moment we began our transit through this dimension and begin to interrelate, maybe according to the teachings of Buddhism, Theosophy, Hinduism, Taoism that have fueled our spiritual mind, we do leading us all a wealth of heritage, a product of our passing on other occasions with other physical vehicle, leading to what has been called Karma, where are we deposited our actions performed and have generated all debts that remain and must trabajarser towards promoting our spiritual growth. Wikipedia gives us the Karma, which would be a metaphysical energy (invisible and immeasurable) arising from the acts of individuals. In accordance with the laws of karma, each of the successive reincarnations would be conditioned by acts done in previous lives. It is a core belief in the doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism, yainismo, The Ayyavazhi and spiritualism. The noun Sanskrit karma means action. It comes from the root kri: do (according to the Stra Undies 4. 144). Karana etymology is wrong: Cause and manas-mind, in vogue in the West.

The letter n indicates the end of karman is a neutral noun. To discuss your estate would only use the term karma. Although these religions express differences in meaning of the word karma, have a common basis for interpretation. Karma is generally interpreted as a cosmic eleyu pay, or cause and effect. Kamma in Pali and Burmese says Khan. Karma is a reminder.

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