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Nokia Conversations

Was recently published hacking software camera Nokia N8, allowing to carry out filming at 30 frames per second with constant autofocus, as well as giving 100% jpeg compression for images. To deepen your understanding Connecticut Senator is the source. The differences are practically invisible when viewed not at high magnification. The file size is also greater. Today at Nokia Conversations, Damian Dayning shares his thoughts about it breaking. 100% scale Vloman and the original image's one of the answers given by Damian in an interview at Nokia Conversations. What can you say about the burglary, reported at many sites that provide a higher frame rate for video and 100% compression of jpg? There are two sides of the coin.

On the one hand, Nokia welcomes innovation. On the other hand, there are reasons in mind that some features were missing in early sales. For example, we are careful when compressed. With the current setting of compression, you can not see any jpeg artifacts naked eye: you will need to enlarge the image up to 200-300% to see them. In addition, if you shoot large uncompressed images to the camera, it can have an effect on shooting speed, and load time. For Some stores such large files becomes a serious problem in mind the cost of data transfer. In short, we are not against third-party research, but there are reasons why some features are not available by default. Nevertheless, we are working with the software and hope to resolve a few remaining technical flaws that will allow people to safely improve the capabilities of the camera in the future

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