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The Dominican Republic

A country with great achievements but with great people fraudulent as any country in the world. Dominican Republic is a highly populated island by tourists for its natural beauty and beautiful culture and history. The Dominican Republic has had and characters that have been and are key people for the world like the singer Juan Luis War and the most prominent baseball players and athletes who are the world’s attention from the MLB When we speak of the Dominican Republic, we are talking about a beautiful island is an island and sub-developed with advanced technology and agricultural crops such as: rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, coffee, among others. Athens is one that stories have been included large countries such as USA, France, Europe, etc. Of all these countries who mentions only two are left to be key for the development of the Dominican Republic who are United States is everywhere in the world and Europe is among the countries with the best economy in the world. With the United States we have the famous eternal debt or is the never ending I say that this U.S. debt has us in his hands. Well but we are not alone in that position with the United States there are many more that are worse than the Dominican Republic. They know something the Dominican Republic also has something that stands out much that women are intelligent women are women and as they say tourists are hot to the island are a delight. Well the economy is not good at all by the way this global economy, but if I say that with a better form of government would be better off. Not that I mean the president whose name I withhold, I do not know how to govern or elaborating on the subject of politics, but if I stand to say that the economy has fallen for the bad decisions of the houses and the Cabinet of the Dominican Republic.

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