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New President

Colombia lives today crucial moments for new generations with problems not solved by decades, but hopes that are reborn in the present presidential debate, due to the variety of positions of the candidates that the country give options to choose. The President of Colombians in the period 2010-2014 will lead a country that has failed to find the road to peace, but firmly approves the progress of democratic security and feel fear of return to which the whole country was hijacked and eras up to the shopkeepers paid extortion fees. A country that will not forgive a President who faint-hearted in spending, the actions and the determination to defend all the citizens of terrorism and intimidation which continue working groups at the margin of the law, and instead, which would welcome the President to go beyond and manages to implement an effective program of citizen security in the cities of the country. The next President will find a country with high rates of unemployment and lack of opportunities the with strength never before expressed, which may require structural changes in our economy that may lead to a significant increase of productive employment and entrepreneurial work, both short-term and long-term. Reduce the rate of unemployment to acceptable levels of 5% of the labor force is more than an imperative of State and which will require a sustained growth of our economy over 5% annually, a transparent policy of formalization of the economy and clear policies for the free revival of the field, the construction of more than 1 million homesthe launching of an ambitious plan of construction of infrastructure for competitiveness and productivity, as well as the necessary measures to encourage the creation of employment in the private sector, put in waist to the financial system, irrigate, easy access and low-cost credit to small and medium entrepreneurs and a forceful program of education and training for work. .


Foucault declared that the concept of man was a purely Kantian idea. Your questions: what can I know?, what should I do?, do I have to wait?, were very complex and the business of finding answers, Homeric. The maximum suction on your strategy, find your particular algorithm, led Kant to the path of knowledge, and Hegel subsequently and in the words of Carl Smith, was in charge of content fill the Kantian formality aspiring to the reason. Connecticut Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. After them any thinker has been able to devise any philosophical system. Perhaps Kant, while Hume had awakened him dogmatic dream, was left on the road more simple questions. Why we absurd attitudes to the useful prioritized in our lives? Why are we respond through mechanisms of learned behaviors that have always led us to failure? Obviously Kant would defend is arguing that human behavior is so unpredictable that better away from debates air, and that was not to his liking let the professionals of psychology and behavior with the homework done. Paulo Coelho brings even more insight to the discussion. Why a morning of relaxation, we clean house and dust before that get laid worshipping? Why we spend life without declaring our attraction to that person that we have in our mind? We why not learn never to say NO? why are we opted for a University discipline which is not to our liking? Why continue calling colleague at work who we know that we are betraying and doing the puneta when not harassing? Why we keep voting the same political formation which has disappointed us when it comes to power so many times? Why continue with on television and doing zapping when bored us programming, rather than turn it off? The list can be endless, as endless also would be the exceptions of attitudes that fill us with vitality and Joie de vivre. However, what is significant is delve into a fact: the human being as said Freud is an orthopedic being who has to lean on the crutches of behaviours, prejudices and idelogia acquired when it comes to live. .

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