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Costa Rica

The comparative study of American languages has advanced considerably in recent years to shed light on the affinity of one nation with one another and of course had to follow the migrations of peoples. The Chibcha language similarities have been attributed to the Japanese, Mayan, Quechua Quiche, but nothing satisfies what has been written about it. The eminent linguist Daniel Brinton argues that Japanese words are not found in the native languages of America. Just read the ten pages devoted to Leon Douay etymology of the Chibcha voices to be convinced that has nothing to do with Maya. The etymologies of some words chibchas Quiche proposed Dr. Barberena not resist the slightest analysis. As for the Quechua, Chibcha up differs from the letters of their alphabets: the first of these languages have consonants ll, n r missing the last, while in it are the letters b, f and g, lacking the Quichua. Recent linguistic work of Dr.

Max Uhle in a patent reveals the affinity of the dialects of Costa Rica and northwestern part of the Isthmus of Panama with the Chibcha, and allow us to follow the path that went round the town known by this last name. This issue deserves to be treated at some length, and for making clear the facts is necessary to refute some allegations Brinton, who in our view erred by data deficiency. Says the author: "Most of those who have written about the Chibcha have spoken of them as a most civilized nation, which was situated in the middle of barbarian hordes and no affinity with any of them.

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