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Hohe Dune Warnemunde

Tillmann of tap Michelin star confirmed for the gourmet restaurants of the butt the restaurant critic of the restaurant guide Michelin Guide restaurants in the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune Warnemunde again the high quality of the cuisine of the gourmet. The butt, under the direction of Tillmann Hahn, was awarded a star for the third time in a row. Global, buy local I feel the recognition of my kitchen according to the principle of Cook as a great honor and I am very pleased that the Guide Rouge again puts more accent on the use of sustainably produced, naturally pure and additive-free basic products. This award supports our efforts to the development of culinary identity in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania very.”so till man cock. “Recently the butt of the large restaurant & Hotel received the gourmet restaurant guide”restaurant of the year 2011 the coveted award”. By the international restaurant guide Identita Golose”, which appears in Italy, was the butt in the issue for 2011 as a single restaurant in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania due to its special cuisine recorded alongside five other leading houses in the entire Federal Republic of Germany.

“With its concept collage Culinaire” Tillmann converts cock he advocated for years by using locally produced foods between the classical paths of gourmet cuisine and modern gastronomic developments in the area of sustainability. Cock draws with both connoisseurs and experienced professional chefs with his tireless commitment in terms of sustainability, especially in the new and very trendy culinary Nordic hot spot region. Matching according to international experts, form the kitchens and chefs of the regions to the North and Baltic Sea a new culinary attention right now and are worldwide significantly expand this position in the next few years.

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