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The Situation

This type of service was that one that did not finish diminua much less. It was a mathematics question: 5 cooks making dirty everything who found for the front and 8 guarons bringing plates and places setting of the tables as if were rolling mat human being and alone a person stops to wash (it). To place everything in the place of new, that certainly they would make dirty in as following and they would return to it again to be washed, in a money market without end. This in period of little movement. Four great lixeiras that were placed in inascessveis places of the kitchen, that they would have as soon as to be changed fulled (and as they fulled), placing the garbage it are of the restaurant, a block ahead, leaving the heat of 50 degrees for a cold of 10 negative degrees in the street. In the movement hours, the pans literally were kicked by chefs in direction it.

Therefore they did not have time to take them without burning some thing in the stove. Being that to some it compelled it pans to enter literally inside of them to be able to wash them. As chefs and plus one worked 4 now headchef and it, it would add then 6 people frantic transiting in a reduced and highly slippery super space, had to the inevitable oil spills in the soil, what it caused frequent tumbles. (in the truth who fell was always Migrantino, therefore excessively they used boots special that had not yet had time of to deliver to it). As it had not worked very in moving kitchens as this previously, it did not know the rules of transit of the same ones. Pra to get worse the situation arrived in a schedule of ' ' busy' ' (it means: ' ' busy, movimentado' ' in English, who the Brazilians aportuguesaram for bisado), it did not have skillful time pra to teach it.

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